1st Cohort

Spring 2013 Fellows

Deborah Dorcemus

School of Engineering – Biomedical Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Syam P. Nukavarapu
Research Project: Researching osteochondral (bone/cartilage) repair.

Dustin Ray

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Jones
Research Project: Exploring how the anatomy of the Pelargonium stem allows it to move water throughout the plant.

Hector Contreras

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Roslyn Holly Fitch
Research Project: Studying effects of medication on effort-related symptoms of depression in rats.

Jamie Angueira

School of Engineering – Civil Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Karthik Konduri
Research Project: Developing transportation system models based on human behavior.

Neila Seda

School of Engineering – Environmental Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Timothy Vadas
Research Project: Working on sediment biouptake of silver nanoparticles to address toxicity and bioaccumulation in worms.

Patrice Hubert

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources – Nutrition

Advisor: Dr. Ock Chun
Research Project: Investigating the chokeberry polyphenol antioxidant and its impact on bone loss.

Fall 2013 Fellows

Alexavier Estrada Alexavier Estrada

School of Pharmacy – Pharmaceutical Sciences
Advisors: Dr. Amy Anderson and Dr. Dennis Wright
Research Project: Synthesis of dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors.

Andreana Panzo Andreana Mello Panzo

School of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Pinar Zorlutuna
Research Project: Creating biomimetic tissue substitutes as an alternative to using animals to study myocardial infarction.

Manuel Rivas Manuel Rivas

School of Engineering – Material Science and Engineering

Advisors: Dr. Bryan Huey
Research Project: Measuring the force of individual medicinal radiation particles using Atomic Force Microscopy/Measuring microelectromechanical systems using AFM.

Nathan Sanford Nathan Sanford

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Molecular and Cell Biology

Advisor: Dr. Victoria Robinson
Research Project: Determining atomic models of various components of the endoplasmic recticulum mitochondria encounter structure (ERMES) complex using protein X-ray crystallography.

s-hardesty Sage Hardesty

School of Engineering- Environmental Engineering

Advisor: Emmanouil N. Anagnostou
Research Project: Flood frequency analysis

Tanisha Williams Tanisha Marie Williams

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Advisors: Dr. Kent Holsinger and Dr. Carl Schlichting
Research Project: Studying the effects of climate change on diverse plant genera in South Africa.

Yomery Espinal Yomery Espinal

School of Engineering – Material Science and Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Pamir Alapy
Research Project: Experimental and theoretical analysis of multifunctional nanocomposites.

NSF Award # 1249283

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