2017-2018 Activities

October 2, 2017– Led by Randy Hamchand

Topic: Effective Communication as it applies to Scientific Research
Agenda & Minutes

October 16, 2017- Led by Virgilio Lopez III

Topic: Using Social Media Professionally
Agenda & Minutes

October 30, 2017-Led by Brandon Williams 

Topic: Stress Management
Agenda & Minutes

November 13, 2017– Led by Kevin Rivera

Topic:  Journey to Graduate School
Agenda & Minutes

November 27, 2017- Led by Cristian Aviles Martin

Topic: Importance of Science Communication
Agenda & Minutes

January 22, 2018- Led by Jessica Maita

Topic: How to Maintain Mind and Body Health in Grad School
Agenda & Minutes

February 5, 2018- Led by Randy Hamchand

Topic: How to Effectively Work in Collaborative Group Settings
Agenda & Minutes

March 5, 2018- Led by Virgilio Lopez

Topic:  Tax Information, Fellowship Opportunities, and STEM Tutoring
Agenda & Minutes

March 19, 2018- Led by Cristian Aviles Martin

Topic: Fellowship Opportunities and High School Visit Update
Agenda & Minutes

April 2, 2018- Led by Brandon Williams

Topic: The Problems with Multitasking 
Agenda & Minutes

April 16, 2018- Led by Kevin Rivera

Topic: What is happening this Summer for BD Fellows
Agenda & Minutes

May 16, 2018- Led by Randy Hamchand

Topic: Practice Thesis Defence and Guest Speaker: Erik Hines
Agenda & Minutes


October 28th- GEM GRAD Lab
Recruited undergraduate students for the UConn School of Engineering graduate school and BD Fellowship.
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October 29th- UConn Open House
Led a panel for high school students: advice for students interested in STEM fields

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January 12-23rd – CT-JSHS
Helped with judging high school poster competition

January-May- McNair Scholars Mentors
Fellows were mentors to undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate school.

January – Freshman First Year Experience Panel
Fellows attended a freshman first-year experience class to convince students to pursue graduate school in engineering

February 17-NELSAMP Symposium 2017
Students and affiliated staff from the six universities (Northeastern, UMass Amherst, URI, Tufts, UConn, and WPI) of the New England LSAMP Alliance joined on February 17th for a day filled with learning, research opportunities, inspirational speakers, and new friendships.
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March 2nd- MSE Open House
Fellows helped with recruiting students to pursue graduate school at UConn, gave tours of campus, and presented research

March 3rd- College of Engineering Open House
Fellows talked with students who were interested in attending UConn for graduate school

March 9th- Chemistry Open House
Fellows helped with recruiting students to pursue graduate school at UConn, gave tours of campus, and presented research

March 21-March 24th- NSBE Conference
Participated in the conference and encouraged students to attend graduate school at UConn as well as pursue BD Program


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